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Дела для бездельников

В лесах, горах, на море и под водой

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Краткая история Северо-западного прохода

В Кембридже, в библиотеке Полярного института можно посмотреть краткую историю Северо-западного прохода. Видимо, в конце каждого года информация обновляется. Мы тоже попали в историю:
(Файл PDF можно скачать здесь: "TRANSITS OF THE NORTHWEST PASSAGE " https://www.spri.cam.ac.uk/resources/infosheets/)

Боле подробно, как в 2017 году проходили суда Северо-западный проход, описал в своем сообщени Victor Wejer:

2017 NWP transits September (from Victor Wejer)

1. Nomad (AUT), sloop, 12.8 mtr. Skipper Wolfgang Slanec. Wintering in Inuvik. 2016/2017 Westbound.

2. Alkahest (USA), Tartan 42 from Seattle. Jay Tremblay & Danica +. 4 West

3. Asgard (SWE), 44 ft., with Clive Shute from Australia. Westbound. Probably stopped in Pond Inlet to enter NWP ???

4. Celebrate (USA), Celebrate is a Taswell 58 designed by British naval architect Bill Dixon. Skipper - Charlie Simon. Westbound.

5. Exiles (CAN), Meta 43 aluminum sloop. Nicolas Peissel. Planning to winter in Holman. In Kane 10 Aug. West

6. Freydis (GER), 14 meter Hydra steel sloop with retractable keel. Heide and Erich Wilts. Eastbound.

7. Irene (USA), 50 ft. Herreshoff ketch. Peter & Ginger Niemann. Assisted in Franklin Str. By the tug boat. Eastbound.

8. Kigdlua (GI), 42 ft. sloop PRF. Jens Erik Kjeldsen from Nuuk captain and Dorthe, wife. West.

9. Lady Free (NOR), 12.4 m. Gaff cutter. Jan Martin Nordbotten & Cecilie. Eastbound

10. Larissa (NZL), 45 ft. cutter, steel. Heather Domney with Mark Domney. Call sign ZM4069. Eastbound.

11. La Louise (FRA), 19 mtr. Ketch, PRF. Thierry Dubois. West. ???

12. "Ma Louloutte" (FRA). Catamaran 6.3 mtr. Yvan Bourgnon, single handed. Towed in Franklin Str. by Tranquilo. Eastbound.

13. Morning Haze (GER), 56 ft. Skipper Jock. Westbound

14. Muktuk (AUT), 14.3 sloop. Gilbert Caroff design. Karl Mayer - captain. East

15. Nauta D (GER), Swan 54, Manfred Heinrich. With Ausie ice pilot. West

16. Nehaj (GER), 39 ft., Koopmans design, alum. Susanne Huber-Curphey. Single handed. Call sign KL4MX. Eastbound.

17. Nordvind (NOR), schooner. Likely stopped in Pond Inlet to enter NWP. Westbound ???

18. SSV Oliver Hazard Perry (US) from Rhode Island, 200 ft. tall ship. Sailing School Vessel. David Dawes captain. Visiting Beechey Is. And returning to St. John's. May sail to C.B. and all NWP. ???

19. Plum (MLT), 2001 Solaris 72, PRF, cutter, 22 mtr. Enrico Tottamanti. Kamana Sailing Expeditions. Eastbound. 20. Polar Bound (GBR), 14.6 m motor boat. David Cowper. In Nome on 8 Aug. for two days. Eastbound
21. Rosemary (NZL), 1 July 2017 Nuuk. Likely stopped in Pond Inlet to enter NWP West ???
22. Tiama (NZL), sloop, Alan Mummery
design 50 ft. steel hull, lifting keel. Henk Haazen. Eastbound

23. Tranquilo (NED), 57 ft. cutter. Bart Veldink- skipper. Ex. Vox Vodka. Eastbound.
24. Azzaro (The Why) (FRA), 20 mtr. Schooner, alum. Ghislain Bardout. Westbound.
25. Zulumbus (AUT), 11.7 mtr. Reinke Super 11. Alum.
Call sign DB5728. Bernhard & Manuel Plattner. Westbound. 26. Kerguelen (FRA), 11.7 mtr. (ketch ???). Ervan & Adrian. Westbound.
27. Tonga (FRA). Received assistance from CCGS Polar Prince in Franklin Str. West.
28. Another French boat sailing with Tonga. Received assistance from CCGS Polar Prince in Franklin Str. Westbound.


29. S/V Valentina (RUS), 50 ft. alumin. sloop. Sergei Shchekoldin. Westbound

30. Abel Tasman (AUS), with professional ice pilot on board. Assisted in Franklin Str. By the tug boat. Eastbound.

1. USCG Maple, 225 ft. seagoing buoy tender. 29 Aug. in Baltimore. 27 days transit. Eastbound.

2. MSV Nordica (FIN), icebreaker. Capt. Jiri Viljanen. CCG ice pilot Capt. David “Duke” Snider. Reached Nuuk on 29 July. Eastbound.

3. Polar Prince (CAN), CCGS icebreaker. On Canada 150 years celebration, Toronto to Victoria. Geoff Green expedition leader. Westbound.

4. Crystal Serenity (Bahamas), Passenger Cruiser with 1400 POB. Binger J. Vorland Captain. Seen 150Nm north of Dutch Harbor on 19 August 2017. On 29 Aug. in Victoria Str. Eastbound.

Northabout (GBR), cutter 14.9 m. 12 July in Upernavik. To sail only Kane Basin or north of it.

Polski Hak (POL), 100 ft. steel schooner . Just to sail Lancaster, Pond Inlet and some East shores of Baffin Is. for 17 days and return to Nuuk.